Automated Payroll Processing

Welcome to FlexPay – a payroll company affiliated with H2R CPA.

As a preferred alternative to the national payroll companies, FlexPay is a high-quality, automated payroll processing service for organizations of any size.

Note: Direct deposit is not available for first payroll.


FlexPay is an efficient, service-oriented payroll solution featuring many advantages over other payroll service providers.

The FlexPay Advantage

FlexPay Other Payroll Services
Customized, start-to-finish payroll services Standard, one-size-fits-all
Flexibility and convenience Inflexible and inconvenient when making changes
Personal service just a phone call away Long wait times with impersonal service
Access to CPAs for expertise on accurate payroll reporting No CPA expertise
Available time clock integration May not provide time clock integration
Competitive pricing with no hidden fees Higher prices with hidden fees
No start-up costs Significant start-up costs

Standard Services

FlexPay’s standard payroll services help to ensure an accurate payroll and compliance with Federal, state and local tax reporting requirements:

Each Pay Period

  • Record of payroll hours
  • Payroll checks
  • Direct deposit
  • Employee earnings statements
  • Net check register
  • Payroll journal
  • Departmental cost summary
  • Federal, state and local tax deposits


  • 941 quarterly Federal tax return
  • State unemployment tax return
  • Deposit for Federal unemployment tax
  • State quarterly withholding tax return
  • Local tax returns


  • Federal and state W-2s and W-3s
  • Federal 940

Optional Services

As part of FlexPay’s customized payroll services, we provide the following options based on your specific business requirements:
  • EFTPS filing
  • General ledger posting report
  • Time off accrual report
  • Automatic check signing
  • Sealing payroll checks into envelopes
  • Retirement plan reports
  • Multi-state capabilities
  • New hire reporting
  • Remote access
  • Employee self-service

Time Clock Integration

For organizations currently using time clocks, or those that wish to convert to a time clock system for more accurate time keeping, FlexPay provides a fully integrated solution. The combination of FlexPay and your organization’s time clock system will ensure the most efficient, accurate and cost‑saving payroll process.

For more information about one of FlexPay’s time clock partners, visit the SwipeClock website.

Why FlexPay?

At FlexPay, we understand what it’s like running a business. Many times, it’s the little operational requirements that absorb so much time and energy – taking away from what really matters: making your organization a success.

Why worry about calculating payments, tax compliance and other payroll-related tasks? FlexPay offers a stress-free, proven solution for managing your payroll, no matter how large or small your organization is.

Meet Our FlexPay Team Leader

Edward G. Scherer

CPA | Partner