Chief Operating Officer

H2R CPA Opportunity as of December 9, 2019


The Chief Operating Officer (COO) plans, organizes, and controls all the day-to-day operations of the Firm. He/she collaborates with the Managing Partner and the Executive Committee in the overall administration of the Firm, while endeavoring to fulfill the Firm’s mission of serving its clients and its people at the highest level attainable.


The COO is a key member of the Firm’s management team, and serves as an advisor on decisions that impact the strategic and operational direction of the Firm.

  • Provides leadership, vision and direction to the strategic planning process, stimulates new ideas, evaluates the financial impact of business opportunities, and monitors professional trends.
  • Communicates Firm objectives and works with the Managing Partner and Executive Committee to translate objectives into meaningful goals / outcomes for each office.

Financial Management and Oversight
Manages and oversees all financial activities including:

  • Establishes and monitors financial operations of the Firm
  • Oversees internal business policies, work flows and accounting practices and formally documents these processes
  • Provides information needed to assist Managing Partner and Executive Committee in decision making
  • Leads and supports annual budgeting process and monitors actual performance in comparison to the budget
  • Ensures that relevant financial data necessary to manage practice areas and individual client relationships is presented to appropriate members of management

Human Resources
Manages and oversees the human resources function including:

  • Assists with the recruitment, hiring and determination of compensation for new employees, as needed
  • Employee benefits administration and oversight. This includes continuing to monitor the various alternatives available to H2R CPA so that we can provide a competitive benefit package while minimizing the Firm’s cost.
  • Oversees the tracking of professional development requirements (CPE)
  • New employee orientation
  • Employee retention strategies
  • Employee termination process (e-mail, computer, voicemail, office access, etc.
  • Provides executive oversight to the Firm’s qualified retirement plan, ensuring that trustee and fiduciary obligations are met.

Policies and Procedures

  • Uses his/her operational expertise to evaluate business factors and identifies opportunities to improve internal systems and procedures.
  • Proposes new and effective ways of doing business and new service lines.
  • Develops annual business plans for each department and an operational plan for achieving these goals. Continually monitors progress through review of financials, works with Managing Partner to explain variances, and keeps Firm leadership informed of financial concerns.

Growth Planning
The COO positions the Firm for long-term growth by working with the Managing Partner and Executive Committee to evaluate the financial implications and profitability related to mergers, joint ventures, or divestiture opportunities.

  • Supports Business Development efforts of the Firm as requested
  • Develops a general business model to project the financial viability of each merger opportunity based on information provided from various sources
  • Coordinates the technical due diligence phase for each viable merger with the Firm management team
  • Works with the other members of Firm leadership to direct remaining aspects of the opportunity including orientation and merger integration.


  • Provides mentoring and support for the Leadership Group and Future Firm leaders
  • Provides direction to business unit leaders through collaborative goal setting, outlining parameters of decision-making and motivating performance-based results
  • Conveys an optimistic vision of the future, inspiring support for the Firm’s strategic goals, providing timely performance feedback, and promoting an environment that supports ongoing professional growth

Risk Management
The COO is relied upon to propose new and effective ways of doing business to minimize Firm risk, and improve operational efficiencies and Firm financial results.

  • Oversees risk management and legal activities, agreements, contracts, leases and other legal documents and agreements
  • Business insurance: procurement, monitoring and management
  • Information technology – works with the IT personnel to ensure the ongoing maintenance and updating of information systems and infrastructure, including hardware, software and telecommunications systems
  • Organizational reporting and monitoring – provides guidance and leadership through management of critical operational metrics and developing and maintaining an appropriate measurement reporting process

Office Management

  • Oversees all administrative functions ensuring smooth daily operations of physical plant and equipment as well as smooth daily operations of office procedures (report production, tax return processing, etc.)
  • Manages all facility matters related to the office space
  • Manages tax and assurance department workflow and file management processes per written procedures


  • Minimum BS / BA degree with at least 10 years of experience and a track record in senior management responsibilities. At least 3 three years in professional services.
  • Excellence in organizational management with the ability to coach and lead staff, develop high-performance teams and implement organizational strategies
  • Excellent project management skills
  • Excellent communication and conflict resolution skills
  • Analytical and decisive decision maker with the ability to prioritize and communicate to staff the key objectives and tactics necessary to achieve organizational goals effectively and efficiently
  • Past experiences managing human resources function including payroll, benefits, personnel and recruiting
  • Unwavering commitment to quality, excellence and data-driven organizational evaluation
  • Action-oriented, entrepreneurial, flexible and innovative in approaches to operational management