Credit Unions

One of the top priorities of credit unions is to ensure the safety of their members’ assets.

You are under more scrutiny now than ever to comply with an increasing number of accounting, regulatory, and compliance requirements, and these responsibilities take valuable time and focus away from providing services to your members.

With over 30 years of combined credit union audit experience, our dedicated niche managers work with credit unions of all sizes to perform traditional, internal, and regulatory compliance audits. We’ve completed hundreds of credit union audits and will understand and meet your needs effectively and efficiently.

We work closely with our credit union clients on numerous engagements, including but not limited to:

  • NCUA Supervisory Committee Guide Audits
  • Supervisory committee audit procedures
  • Internal audit services
  • Internal control reviews
  • Website compliance audits
  • Regulatory compliance audits including BSA, ACH, SAFE Act, HMDA
  • CECL implementation analysis
  • Merger accounting and audit services
  • GAAP audits
  • Verification procedures
  • Forensic and fraud audit services
  • Specialized audits
  • Form 990 completion (state-chartered credit unions)
  • Employee benefit & 401(k) plan audits
  • Supervisory committee training and education
  • Consulting services