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Ease the burden of your payroll processing with FlexPay

by Edward G. Scherer, CPA

FlexPay is a locally owned payroll processing company affiliated with H2R CPA, providing payroll services since 1996. During these challenging times, many businesses are taking advantage of the convenience of FlexPay:

  • In-house payroll is becoming too time consuming and stressful
  • Assistance is needed with implementing recent payroll tax deferral options related to COVID-19 and navigating the complexities of the tax requirements for both employers and employees
  • Dissatisfaction with the quality of service and flexibility of a national payroll company
  • Looking for a way to easily integrate time clock data with the payroll process

More information about FlexPay can be found on the H2R CPA website.

If you are the owner of a business with payroll, now is a good time to give your payroll situation some thought (prior to the end of the year). If you feel that making a switch might be beneficial, the best time to implement the change would be on January 1, to eliminate having to manage tax reporting and W-2s from two providers. Of course, everything would need to be lined up a few weeks in advance during November or December.

Whatever your payroll situation, our team at H2R CPA and FlexPay would be pleased to discuss how we could help to ease the burden of your payroll processing. As always, if you need assistance with this matter, feel free to contact your H2R CPA liaison, and they will be happy to assist you.