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Erroneous IRS CP161 Notices – 2019 Form 1041 Tax Payments

by Gail A. Davis, CPA / CSEP

If you submitted a 2019 Form 1041 tax payment to the IRS, you may end up receiving an IRS CP161 Notice indicating that you have unpaid taxes due. This is an erroneous computer-generated notice that several H2R CPA clients have received. We understand from multiple conversations with the IRS that this issue is a result of the Service Centers being temporarily closed due to COVID-19 and limited IRS staffing when the Service Centers are re-opened. As a result, the 1041 payments have not yet been deposited by the IRS.

The IRS advises to NOT send another check. The IRS is currently aware of the situation and has escalated their response. The IRS is slowly processing the 1041 tax payments received. Please continue to monitor your bank account(s) for the payments.

As always, if you need assistance with this matter, please feel free to contact your H2R CPA liaison and we will be happy to assist you.