Estate Administration

H2R CPA's Estate and Fiduciary Tax Services Division provides a comprehensive Estate Administration service for attorneys

Our Estate Administration specialists are experienced in handling all tax and accounting related processes required upon an individual's death.

The Estate Administration process involves document review and investigation in order to accurately determine an individual’s assets and liabilities. Death tax returns, as well as income tax returns, are prepared as required. Governmental agency approvals are obtained prior to an estate being closed. Postmortem tax planning is also an integral part of the Estate Administration service we provide.

Once the process is finished, all of the transactions completed during Estate Administration are detailed in an accounting which is provided to the heirs and/or the Court, together with distribution proposals.​

Comprehensive Process

H2R CPA Estate Administration is a comprehensive process, which includes the following:

  • ​Collection/marshaling of assets
  • Preservation and/or liquidation of investments
  • Debt and expense verification and payment
  • Postmortem tax planning
  • All essential tax document preparation and filing of all required tax returns
  • Estate distribution calculations
  • Banking
  • Record keeping and accounting of finances and transactions
  • Distribution of assets to heirs in accordance with the wishes of the decedent as expressed in his or her will. In the absence of a will, distribution is made in accordance with the intestate laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania or the State in which the individual domiciled.

Efficient, Outsourced Service

​​H2R CPA can handle the entire Estate Administration process with an attorney or on an attorney’s behalf with as much or as little visibility to the client as the attorney deems appropriate. Our job is simply to ensure that the Estate Administration proceeds in a timely and efficient fashion.

Although it is not always possible, H2R CPA is generally able to move the majority of our assigned cases through the probate process and taxing agencies quickly and efficiently. Our goal is to complete the Estate Administration process as soon as possible and provide clients with the assets to which they are entitled in accordance with the terms of the decedent’s will or intestate laws.

Trusted, Extensive Experience

H2R CPA's Estate and Fiduciary Tax Services Division has a combined total of over 65 years of experience in the various aspects of Estate Administration and death related taxes. Our Estate Administration specialists enable attorneys to provide their clients with services that may not otherwise be available to sole practitioners and smaller law firms who don't have specially qualified in-house staff.

Meet Our Estate Administration Specialist