Fraternal Benefit Societies

H2R CPA has been providing accounting, auditing, tax compliance, and consulting services to Fraternal Benefit Societies for over 25 years, since 1989.

We currently serve Fraternal Benefit Societies in Pennsylvania and Ohio and are familiar with the accounting practices prescribed by the insurance departments of those states.

Technical Expertise

​H2R CPA has a thorough understanding of statutory accounting principles. We have participated in technical discussions with both the National Associations of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) and the Ohio and Pennsylvania Departments of Insurance. We help to ensure our clients properly apply statutory accounting principles and accurately prepare their annual and quarterly statements.

In over 25 years of serving Fraternal Benefit Societies, our clients have never been required to make an adjustment as a result of a State Department of Insurance audit and have met all required deadlines.

Specialized Services

Through the years, H2R CPA has provided traditional services to our Fraternal Benefit Society clients such as audit services and Federal tax return preparation.

As trusted business advisors, we have also provided consulting services to our clients on matters such as:

  • Assistance with preparation of annual and quarterly statements
  • Assistance with preparation of Form 990 and other tax matters
  • Compliance with statutory accounting principles
  • Implementation of new accounting and auditing pronouncements
  • Suggesting improvements to the system of internal controls
  • Mergers and acquisitions (including discussing the transactions with the related state departments of insurance)
  • Selection and implementation of accounting and policy management systems

Industry Involvement and Experience

Our team of accounting professionals is active in the Fraternal Societies of Greater Pittsburgh organization, attending events and meetings regularly. Our involvement ensures that we are aware of any issues or areas of concern within the industry.

H2R CPA’s experience with national Fraternal Benefit Societies will help us to understand your association and provides us with the expertise to complete your audit in less time, minimizing costs for you and your members.

Meet our Fraternal Benefit Societies Team Leaders

Leo A. Hannah

CPA, MBA | Partner

Sara Beauseigneur

CPA, MBA | Audit Director, Employee Benefit Plans

Cara M. Colavita

CPA | Partner