Tax Planning

H2R CPA takes a proactive approach to tax planning.

We partner with you in all decisions throughout the year to meet your immediate needs, anticipate future conditions, and reduce your tax obligation to the lowest possible level.

Many financial events in your life can influence your tax position over a period of years. That is why it’s so crucial to obtain expert advice on tax planning strategies available to you before you authorize a major financial investment.

Tax Minimization & Compliance

Successful tax planning is dependent on a mix of understanding our client’s business objectives, key corporate initiatives, success drivers and tax risk profile from both a company and shareholder perspective. In addition, our team is proactive with maintaining a current knowledge of the tax laws and any pending tax legislation. We understand and are cognizant of how our client’s specific tax profile can be affected by changes in proposed tax legislation. Therefore, our professionals are constantly keeping up with new developments through a regimented reading program, regular attendance at tax seminars, webcasts, and knowledge bases, both from internal and external sources. Our tax professionals are quoted and publish articles in local, regional, and national publications, as well as lead discussions on new tax issues at firm-sponsored and industry-sponsored events.

H2R CPA’s tax practice collaborates closely with our clients’ management teams to identify and assist in the implementation of tax planning opportunities. Throughout the year, we meet and/or communicate with our clients to discuss their goals and objectives. We also discuss recent legislative amendments, which may affect a client’s tax positions. These discussions permit us to anticipate the tax consequences of material transactions and management decisions.

Tax Compliance Process

Our tax compliance process focuses on receiving information electronically and mapping the information to our tax software to be utilized in rendering high-level tax services and advice. Our tax department procedures and best practices are designed to achieve efficient, accurate results. Our quality control procedures rest on the fact that every return is reviewed by a tax partner and appropriate subject matter experts before release. We believe that our approach allows for a seamless transition and increased efficiencies for our clients and their finance staffs, while receiving a high-quality deliverable within a specified timeframe.

Meet Our Tax Leadership Team

Paul K. Rudoy

CPA/PFS | Partner

Lucas Rihely, CPA - Beaver Business Advisor

Lucas Rihely

CPA | Partner

Phillip D. Zlokas

CPA | Partner