Businesses involved in the production and supply of both renewable and non-renewable energy are critical players in our national and global economies.

All economic activity requires energy, and as such, energy companies are highly sensitive to cyclical fluctuations in the broader economic environment, not to mention changes in the weather and seasons.

Because of their high-stakes operational parameters, energy companies need a trusted tax and business advisor who can provide guidance in establishing and maintaining an optimal and flexible financial operations strategy. H2R CPA understands the critical nature and unique challenges of companies operating in the energy sector, and is experienced in providing tax, accounting and business advisory services to energy-related businesses.

Oil and Gas Companies

H2R CPA is experienced with a variety of clients in the Oil and Gas industry, including upstream, midstream and downstream companies. In the upstream category, oil and gas exploration and production is a capital intensive process, with significant capital expenditures and a large amount of fixed assets on the books. Midstream and downstream companies also typically spend significant amounts on Research & Development. H2R CPA is experienced in helping oil and gas companies structure agreement language to ensure the desired tax benefits for investors.

Energy Accounting Services