Professional Services

Billable time is the gold standard in the world of professional services.

Yet managing a profitable and successful company requires focus beyond billable hours. Issues such as attracting new clients, maintaining an innovative culture and implementing effective strategies to drive growth add complexity to practice management.

​To help meet these challenges, professional service firms need to partner with a provider that can deliver unique solutions. Almost any firm can deliver the traditional tax, accounting and audit services, but H2R CPA delivers value that extends far beyond a tax return or audit report. Our team works with shareholders to understand their short- and long-term objectives and outlines a plan to reach them.

H2R CPA delivers innovative financial and accounting solutions for law firms, medical practices, marketing and advertising agencies, management consulting firms, architecture firms, engineering practices, accounting firms and financial advisors in Pittsburgh and across western Pennsylvania to help them meet industry and organizational challenges.

Our team understands the issues and challenges inherent in managing the profitability of a professional services organization. After all it’s what we do every day.