The importance of technology in today's business landscape cannot be overstated.

In fact, it touches practically every aspect of business including communication, manufacturing processes, innovation and even process improvement. This means there is a wealth of opportunity for technology companies to be a catalyst for change, innovation and new product / service offerings.

While significant opportunity exists, there are several challenges technology companies face including rising cost of development, risk management and speed at which changes enter the marketplace. To be successful and thrive under such conditions requires foresight, vision, strategy and proper financial management. To facilitate this, technology companies require unique solutions delivered by a team of experienced professionals

H2R CPA works with technology companies in Pittsburgh and western Pennsylvania to deliver tax, audit, accounting and a variety of consulting services. We work with companies that specialize in software, hardware, advanced manufacturing, application development, robotics, biotech, nanotechnology and IT networking and support. Through years of experience we are able to identify opportunities for growth, process improvement and tax savings, creating bottom line value for clients.