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How do I maximize the value of my business for transitioning ownership and when should I start?

by Kieran O’Dea, CPA, Partner

My advice to clients is to always have an exit strategy in mind. Regardless of whether you’re transferring your business to the next generation, facilitating a management-led buyout or selling to an outside party, it’s never too early to start preparing your business for transition. At a minimum, you will find that going through this exercise will help you understand your business better and run it more efficiently in the meantime. 

Not all exits are planned. Positioning your company for its eventual sale will maximize selling proceeds and ease the transition to new management. No single solution fits every business. At H2R CPA, we’ve developed an approach to assist business owners with identifying ways to make a business more attractive to potential buyers. If you prepare for the unexpected, you (or your heirs) stand a better chance of selling your business for what it is worth – or even at a premium. Proactive business owners may not necessarily be looking to sell, but they are always ready.

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