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How much is my business worth?

by Alex M. Kindler, CPA/ABV/CFF/PFS, CVA, MBA

There are many circumstances which might require a professional assessment of the value of your business, such as selling the business, succession planning, divorce, retirement planning and estate planning. Because a business is a significant asset to owners, lenders, creditors and other parties of interest, it is critical to obtain an objective, independent and well-supported appraisal of its value.
Valuing an ongoing business involves more than an appraisal of the underlying tangible assets. It requires an analysis of a company’s financial performance as well as an understanding of its market and industry. The value of a closely held business is primarily determined by the future economic benefit derived by its owners.
At H2R CPA, our IRS-qualified appraisers provide comprehensive reports that identify and explain the value of a business. When working with business owners, we not only provide a valuation, but also educate the business owner as to the steps the company can take to enhance its value going forward.

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