Minor League Baseball

Success in Minor League Baseball extends beyond balls, strikes, wins and losses.

What makes Minor League Baseball attractive to fans includes various intimate venues, access to players, and game day entertainment – which is only half of the story. Success for team owners depends on more than just attracting fans on game day. It means sponsorships, supportive Major League Baseball relationships, engaging promotions, favorable stadium leases and pleasant weather during the season. To maintain a competitive edge off the field, minor league teams need to work with an experienced provider that understands their business and unique accounting needs.

H2R CPA works with Minor League Baseball teams in several states to provide tax, audit, accounting and financial guidance that keeps the team winning year-round. Our services extend beyond typical compliance solutions that most accounting firms offer to those that maintain healthy cash flow and profitability. Take advantage of our years of experience in the industry to ensure your team is well positioned for the future.


  • The National Association Standard Financial Report as required by MLB Rule 54
  • Depreciation Schedule preparation with special asset classes and lives unique to Minor League Baseball
  • Tax and financial statement reporting and communications to team investors
  • Payroll processing utilizing biometric reporting to save the team administrative time and costs as well as reduce excess time reporting
  • Guidance on acquisitions and negotiating for maximum tax advantages
  • Bank communications and loan agreement advisory services
  • Cash flow projections
  • Concessions analyses