​H2R CPA is pleased to provide the following publications for our clients and friends to help you stay informed of the latest tax and financial information.

Tax Planning Guide 2019

Throughout the years, tax reform has provided significant savings to individuals, families, investors, and businesses. To help you make the most of the current tax breaks, the H2R CPA Tax Planning Guide 2019 offers tips for minimizing your tax liabilities and maximizing your potential savings.

In addition to year-round pointers, we offer suggestions for incorporating tax-efficient strategies into your long-term plans. By coordinating your tax strategies with your financial strategies, you may accomplish a variety of goals, like growing your business, funding your retirement, and saving for a child’s education.

​Together, we can create a plan specifically for you, your business, and your future.

Tax Pocket Guide 2019

The H2R CPA Tax Pocket Guide 2019 provides a concise chart of the most common tax rates for individuals and businesses. This tax pocket guide is a valuable resource that will help you estimate your 2019 taxes.

Records Retention Schedules for Individuals and Businesses

How long should you keep tax returns, credit card statements, loan documents, and other important paperwork? Whether running a household or a business, it is important to know when it is safe to dispose of financial and legal documents. H2R CPA's Records Retention Schedules for Individuals and Businesses provides a comprehensive listing of documents and how long they should be kept. (Please keep in mind that this information is provided as a general guideline only.)

Starting a New Business in Pennsylvania

Congratulations on starting a new business! This guide provides some key considerations for beginning your new venture. Contact H2R CPA with any accounting, tax, business consulting or payroll questions. We are always here to help.

PICPA Publications

As a member of the Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA), H2R CPA is pleased to share the following PICPA publications as a source of quality financial information.

Seven Questions You Should Ask Before Choosing a CPA

Securing Your Business Financing

Planning for a Long and Comfortable Retirement

Making the Most of Your 401(k) Retirement Plan

Saving for College 101

Pennsylvania Inheritance Tax

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