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Federal and State Tax Filing and Payment Deadline Extensions

For the Federal government and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the tax filing deadline and the corresponding payment for 2019 balances due and estimated taxes has been extended to July 15, but other states may or may not follow the July 15 date. This may impact the timing of your tax filing or extension if you do business in those states. Also, businesses will still need to take action to extend their deadline. See the AICPA’s State Tax Filing Guidance for Coronavirus Pandemic for state-specific tax filing information.

For Federal tax estimates, only the April 15 estimate has been deferred to July 15. The June 15 estimated payment is still due at that date. It’s possible that this could change. Pennsylvania has deferred the April 15 and June 15 estimates to July 15.

The initial Federal requirement that would have required corporations to defer only $10 million in tax payments and individuals to defer $1 million in payments at April 15, 2020, has been eliminated.

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