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Webinar Recording: Commercial Real Estate: The Domino Effect of COVID-19

This H2R CPA webinar was presented live on June 29, 2020. The webinar recording can be accessed here. A PDF of the webinar presentation can be accessed here.

Webinar Summary

Over the past few decades, telecommuting has slowly grown as technological advancements allowed for a better Work From Home (WFH) experience, but most corporate professionals continued to travel into the office to perform their daily job functions. However, as the world was disrupted by COVID-19, businesses were directed to have their personnel work from home and to limit travel.

As many businesses adapt to the “new normal,” some business leaders are starting to question how their company will operate in the future and if the future includes a reduction in real estate. Our panel of experts will provide their insight into this evolving economy to help business and real estate owners understand how operations may change commercial real estate in the future.

Featured Presenters:

We hope you can join us for an interactive and informative online session!
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