Leveraging the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion

by H2R CPA Team US taxpayers, both citizens and residents, are often surprised to learn that they need to pay taxes on all income earned whether generated in the US or abroad. This includes income that is earned while working overseas as an employee, independent contractor or from supplementary income sources such as investments, pensions … Read more

What are the tax incentives available in 2017 for making improvements to business property?

by William M. Bodnar, CPA, MST, Tax Director​As an incentive for capital spending, accelerated tax deductions are now available for “Qualified Improvement Property” (QIP). QIP includes improvements to the interior of any nonresidential property after the building was originally placed into service, but may not include those to enlarge a building, any escalator or elevator … Read more

Update on Recent PA Tax Changes

by H2R CPA Team The recently enacted Pennsylvania House bill, HB 1198, contains the following noteworthy items: The 1% sales tax discount for timely filing will be maxed out at $25 per month. PA lottery winnings are now taxable for PA. This is effective 1-1-16, so anyone who won earlier this year may need to pay some estimates. Going … Read more

H2R CPA Tax Tip: Home Office Deduction

by H2R CPA Team Did you know…? There is a simple way to deduct your home office on your tax return without having to make the complex calculations, allocations, and substantiation of expenses otherwise required. Home office deductions are available to both self-employed taxpayers and employees. It’s important to evaluate whether your home office qualifies … Read more

Beware of IRS Scams

by H2R CPA Team Now that tax season is upon us, H2R CPA would like our clients and friends to beware of fraudulent messages claiming to be from the IRS, aiming to gain access to your personal financial information. Please note the following information from the IRS website: “The IRS doesn’t initiate contact with taxpayers by email, … Read more