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Webinar Recording: Tax Planning in Uncertain Times: Which Choices Are Best for You?

This H2R CPA webinar was presented live on December 4, 2020. The webinar recording can be accessed here. A PDF of the webinar presentation can be accessed here.

Webinar Summary

Year-end tax planning for 2020 is an important step to help navigate the changes that may occur under a new administration. There is additional uncertainty this year due to the two Senate runoffs in Georgia which will occur on January 5, 2021, to determine which party has control of the Senate. There are also considerations due to the passing of the CARES Act.

Topics covered in this presentation include:

2:00 – Potential changes to the tax code and the impact of those changes
15:10 – Changes to CARES Act
28:03 – How PPP loans are treated for tax purposes
43:10 – Overview of year-end tax planning

Featured presenters:

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