Outsourced CFO

Many owners of small- to medium-sized businesses find that as their business grows, their finances become too complex to handle on their own.

They need someone with more financial expertise than they have themselves or within their accounting department. While hiring a full-time CFO can be somewhat expensive, Outsourced CFO services from H2R CPA can be a practical and affordable alternative.

Outsourced CFO Services

​At H2R CPA, we help business owners through our Outsourced CFO services including:

  • Helping to manage accounting and finance departments
  • Establishing proper bookkeeping procedures
  • Making connections with business contacts who can assist with growth
  • Providing financial data to help make strategic long-term or day-to-day decisions
  • Serving as an objective point of view for making key decisions

Meet Our Outsourced CFO Services Leadership Team

Paul K. Rudoy

CPA/PFS | Managing Partner

Edward G. Scherer

CPA | Partner

Leo A. Hannah

CPA, MBA | Partner

Dominic T. Cutuli

CPA/CFF, CVA, MBA | Principal